You will find many of the administrative policies and forms you need here.

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Application for Church Key

Apply for a magnetic card key to operate Pender United Methodist Church’s computer security locks. Forms are also available in the church office.

Building Use Fees

Building Use / Calendar Requests

We can now have some small groups (less than 10 adults) meet in person at Pender.

Three rooms have been set aside for meeting at church.

Cornerstone (Room 215) could hold a group of up to 17 with no tables. (We are still only allowed to have 10 or fewer adults per room though).

Room 202 could hold a group of up to 8 with tables. 

Room 200 could hold up to 4 people with tables.

Groups more than 10 must fill out a Pender UMC Special Events Request Worksheet at least 2 weeks prior to the event and submit the form to .

This much time is needed because your event will be forwarded to the Arlington District for approval by District Superintendent Sarah Calvert.

All people attending meetings or events at Pender must fill out the Health Evaluation Form at least four days before the event.

This form is on page 2 of the Supplemental Materials for the Special Event Requests Worksheet.

These forms should be submitted to

It is important to note that:

  • The group leader must reserve one of these rooms well in advance. Let us know in the description area how many people attend your meetings.
  • Please wait until your meeting has been approved before resuming meetings. Do not assume just because you fill out the form that you can meet at Pender.
  • The group leader should check to make sure his/her key to the church works - most were turned off at the beginning of COVID. Contact Joyce to turn your key back on.
  • The leader must keep a list of all attendees for contact tracing purposes.
  • You must all wear masks all the time.
  • 6’ physical distancing must be maintained at all times. 
  • Bathroom use should be limited. (Wipe down surfaces after your visit).
  • No shared materials are permitted. 
  • NO food or drink.
  • NO singing.
  • Do not move the tables or chairs.
  • Wipe down surfaces before you leave.
  • Socially distance when entering and leaving the building.

Even though the Pender building is still closed to most events, Zoom (or other online) meetings, still need to be on the church calendar.

All events run by the school year, so it is also time to renew your ongoing meetings.

Please take a moment to check here. If your meeting is not listed, it's time to request a time for the next school year (through June 2021.)

Log onto MyPenderPage, find "Events" on the menu bar, then "Calendar".

On the right top, click on "Add Event" to add it to the Pending Calendar.

You may also request a room now so that it will be available to you when we are able to return to church.

Joyce needs to be aware of all Pender events and meetings, no matter where they take place, to report to the District Offices.

PUMC members may add events to the Church calendar.

Log onto MyPenderPage, find "Events" on the menu bar, then "Calendar". On the right top, click on "Add Event" to add it to the Pending Calendar. You will get an email when your event is approved. You cannot add an event to a room that is already reserved for another meeting.

Download a copy of the paper form here:

For non-Pender Members, make your request below

Child Protection Policy

Pender takes the safety of our children very seriously.  We have a Child Protection Policy in place and require volunteers for Sunday School, nursery and other programs involving children to be trained in this policy and to annually re-certifiy their acknowledgment of the policy.

Anyone who works with children must (1) View the CPP Training Presentation, (2) Read the Policy and (3) Complete the Online CPP Application Annual Renewal Form. If necessary, completed printed forms are accepted in the box in the Welcome Center in the Narthex.

The above must be completed ANNUALLY. The application renewal form should be completed by October 1st of each year.

If you have any questions contact the Church Office.

View the training materials below. The forward and back controls are at the bottom left of each screen.

Please either fill out this form online or print out the one below and leave in the box in the Welcome Center in the Narthex. Thank you!

Communication Guidelines for Publication of Ministry Events

Ministry leaders and event coordinators are responsible for seeing that their information is submitted for publication when desired, REGARDLESS if it is an annual/semi-annual event or program.

The church staff is more than willing to put the announcement in the bulletin or weekly email and to help with preparations or resources, but the initial request with detailed information has to come from the ministry area or event organizer.

The office staff is busy with multiple responsibilities and it should not be assumed that they will automatically publish information.

Download the Communication Guidelines for Publication of Ministry Events

Communication Requests

Want to add something to the email newsletter, announcement slides, Facebook or more?

Please fill out this form.

Conflict Resolution

Expense Reimbursement Form

Print, fill in and turn in to the church office.  


Inclement Weather

If the Federal GOVERNMENT is closed for non-essential personnel, the church building will be closed. In addition, if there are severe weather conditions or a power outage, the church building will be closed.

If the church is open, groups may or may not meet at the leader’s discretion. It will be up to the leaders to communicate their decision with the group members.

For the staff: Emergencies and Inclement Weather. Staff members will be paid when the Pastor, in consultation with the Chair of Trustees, closes the church for the sake of safety. (In the event of inclement weather, Pender UMC will generally comport with actions taken by the federal government for non-essential employees.) In all cases, decisions regarding worship services shall be made solely by the Pastor.

A case by case decision will be made about Sunday worship services, and info will be posted on the website.

Your personal safety is important to us. The pastor and group leaders will understand completely if you do not feel comfortable coming to the church when weather conditions are questionable.

Project Planning Template
Vehicle Use Policy


This policy provides specific requirements and guidelines for the acquisition, use, and disposal of Pender United Methodist Church vehicles.  Pursuant to the Discipline of the United Methodist Church, use of church equipment must be in accordance with the general purposes of the United Methodist Church.

 This policy has been prepared to provide an equitable means to maximize use of the church vehicles, while managing Pender’s liability.  Recognizing the priority of the core church-related activities, it is expected that thoughtful implementation of this policy will ensure proper use of all church vehicles.

This policy shall be administered by the Pender Church Administrator.  The Church Administrator may delegate some duties to Pender staff or qualified office volunteers, as appropriate.  Therefore, the term “Church Administrator” may mean the Church Administrator or Church Administrator’s designee.

 Except as specifically noted, inquiries about this policy shall be directed to the Church Administrator.  If more than routine clarification is required, action by the Senior Pastor, the Board of Trustees, and/or the Church Council may be required.  In this policy, the term "church" refers to Pender United Methodist Church. 

 The Senior Pastor and the Church Council approved this policy on September 16, 2009.


Pender United Methodist Church provides vehicles in order to enhance its ability to reach the world with the message of Jesus Christ.  This policy governs how and when the vehicles are utilized, and who may use them.  A copy of this policy must remain in the glove compartment of each vehicle at all times. 


Authorized vehicle use requires the following: 

  • Use is in support of Pender UMC ministries and supported organizations (personal use is prohibited).
  • Only an Authorized User may check out Pender vehicles.
  • Authorized User agrees that once a vehicle is checked out, only Authorized Users will operate the vehicle.
  • Authorized Users agree to follow all driving-related laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and other states where the vehicle may be operated, and applicable local ordinances.
  • Users will behave in a Christ-like manner at all times.
  • Smoking is not allowed in Pender UMC vehicles.
  • Alcoholic beverages, drugs, gambling, or un-Christian activities are prohibited.


  • General Use Passenger Van(s) - 1st priority is the support of general church projects and organizations.

The Church Administrator will resolve any usage conflicts.


Duration of Use is defined as:

  • Short Term: Up to 60 days.
  • Long Term: 61 days to 12 Months. 


The following individuals are eligible to become an Approved User upon meeting the requirements set forth in this policy: 

  • Members of Pender UMC.
  • Employees of Pender UMC.
  • Other individuals as specifically designated by the Church Council.
  • All users must be at least 21 years old.


Authorization of Users and compliance with this policy shall be administered by the Church Administrator.

The process of granting authorization of an applicant to be an Authorized User to drive a Pender UMC vehicle is as follows:

1.      Applicant requests a copy of Pender’s Vehicle Use Policy and a  Driver’s Disclosure and Authorization form (below) from the Church Administrator, and notifies the Administrator if approval is needed for an upcoming use within the next 2 weeks. 

2.      Applicant submits a completed Driver’s Disclosure and Authorization form, and photocopy of their current driver’s license to the Church Administrator at least 7 days prior to needing authorization to drive a Pender vehicle.

3.      Pender’s automobile insurance agent will review the applicant’s driving record and confirm that the applicant’s license is in full effect and will notify the Church Administrator if the applicant holds a license that is in full effect[1].

4.      The Church Administrator will notify the applicant of approval or denial of driving privileges to operate Pender vehicles using the attached form letters.

Violations of this policy shall be grounds for revocation or denial of driving privileges by the Board of Trustees. 

Furthermore, Pender reserves the right to deny driving privileges due to any non-driving related reason the Church Council deems unacceptable or inconsistent with the interests and purposes of Pender UMC.

A list of Authorized Users will be maintained by the Church Administrator, along with a separate list of individuals who have been denied driving privileges for the current year.

Authorized Users who wish to maintain their driving authorization must renew their authorization annually (on or about October 1st of each year) by completing the approval process outlined in this policy.  Pender will have their automobile insurance agent check the driving records of all Users at least annually.


Check Out Procedures:

  1. Authorized User shall reserve vehicle in advance and indicate the purpose(s) of the trip(s).  A sign-up notebook is provided in the mailbox in the hallway by the Fellowship Hall.
  2. On the date of vehicle pick-up, the User will pick up the keys and the vehicle log book from the Church Administrator, or designee, and sign the vehicle out.  If the pick up time is not during normal church office hours, arrangements will be made in advance with the Church Administrator.  
  3. The User shall confirm that the vehicle has a full tank of gas, the vehicle policy is in the glove box of the vehicle, and that the vehicle is suitable for the intended use.  If not, the User shall notify the Church Administrator immediately.
  4. User shall enter the beginning mileage, destination(s) of trip(s), and purpose(s) of trip(s).


  1. User agrees to follow all provisions of the Pender Vehicle Use Policy at all times.
  2. User will follow all driving-related laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and other states where the vehicle may be operated, and applicable local ordinances.
  3. User agrees to maintain the vehicle log book (record beginning mileage, ending mileage, and notes about the trip(s) including the purpose of trip(s), any maintenance performed, and any problems with the vehicle).  


  1. A log book of all maintenance and repairs shall be maintained.
  2. Long Term User agrees to perform routine maintenance such as oil changes, light bulb replacement, tire pressure, car washing, etc. at intervals specified by the church office, and/or as needed, and agrees to pay for the cost of such routine maintenance.
  3. Major repairs and high cost items such as tire replacement, brakes, windshields, etc. will be performed by Pender UMC and paid for by Pender UMC. 
  4. If major repairs are required while a Pender vehicle is out of town, User agrees to provide an estimate of repairs to the church office and obtain authorization to perform the repairs prior to having the work done.  Pender may elect to pay for repairs directly, or provide reimbursement upon receipt of a detailed invoice of repairs or maintenance performed to the Church Administrator.
  5. Safety and emissions inspections shall be performed as required and the cost of such inspections shall be reimbursed to the User by Pender UMC.
  6. Fines for improper/non-functioning equipment shall be paid for by Long Term User if fine is imposed because routine maintenance was not performed, or if major repairs were not reported to Pender UMC and not performed when needed.


  1. User shall notify the church office as soon as possible if the vehicle is involved in an accident, or if the vehicle suffers damage.


  1. User agrees to fill the gas tank before returning the vehicle.  
  2. User agrees to return the vehicle in clean condition.  
  3. The vehicle will be fully signed back in only when 1). the vehicle, 2). the keys, and 3). the completed vehicle log book are returned to the Church Administrator.  If the return time is not during normal church office hours, arrangements shall be made in advance with the Church Administrator.  
  4. User agrees to inform the church office of any maintenance of, or repairs required to, the vehicle (this notification is in addition to logging the need in the vehicle log book).

Users who do not comply with check out, operation, and return of vehicles in accordance with this Policy will have their driving privileges revoked.


  • Pender ministries will document vehicle requirements and needs, and will present these requirements to the Church Council for approval. 
  • The Church Council will approve the acquisition of all vehicles PRIOR to acceptance or purchase.
  • Trustees will acquire, insure, and license all vehicles.
  • Trustees will fund the maintenance of all vehicles, except as outlined for Long Term Users.
  • Trustees will fund vehicle replacement as a part of the annual budget process.  Other Pender ministries may opt to supplement Trustee funds.


Individual ministries may recommend to the Trustees that the church dispose of a vehicle when the cost of maintaining or repairing vehicle becomes prohibitive or the usage requirement has been satisfied through other means. 

Based upon ministry recommendations, the Trustees will dispose of unneeded or unserviceable vehicles.