Building Use

Building Use Fees

Please note that these fees have changed!

Building Use Requests

"Cornerstone" (Room 215) is a double room without tables but they can be added.

The "Boardroom" (Room 216) has a long table and comfortable chairs.

The "Gathering Place" is a multi-purpose room with AV/Media capabilities and optional kitchen facilities.

The "Library" (Room 206) has a small tables, two sofas and comfortable chairs as well as books and a TV/DVD player.

Room 202 is a double room with a long table and chairs.

Room 200 has a table and chairs.

Groups more than 10 must fill out a Pender UMC Special Events Request Worksheet at least 2 weeks prior to the event and submit the form to .

It is important to note that:

  • The group leader must reserve one of these rooms well in advance. Let us know in the description area how many people attend your meetings.
  • Please wait until your meeting has been approved before resuming meetings. Do not assume just because you fill out the form that you can meet at Pender.
  • The group leader should check to make sure his/her key to the church works - most were turned off at the beginning of COVID.
  • The leader must keep a list of all attendees and share it with Pender's office manager
  • Masks are currently optional.
  • Bathroom use should be limited. (Wipe down surfaces after your visit).
  • NO food or drink.
  • Do not move the tables or chairs.
  • Wipe down surfaces before you leave.
  • Be sure to turn off the lights and socially distance when entering and leaving the building.

Online and off-campus meetings need to be on the church calendar to be reported to the District Offices.

All events run by the Fairfax County school year, so it is time to renew your ongoing meetings.

Please take a moment to check here. If your meeting is not listed, it's time to request a time for the next school year (through June 2023.)

Pender UMC Calendar Events

Pender Members can add your own events to the calendar through MyPenderPage/Realm Connect.

Log onto MyPenderPage/Realm Connect, find "Events" on the menu bar, then "Calendar". On the right top, click on "Add Event" to add it to the Pending Calendar. You will get an email when your event is approved. Note that you cannot add an event to a room that is already reserved for another meeting.

Download a copy of the paper form here:

Pender-sponsored groups such as Boy Scouts should fill out this form.

For non-Pender Members and Outside groups, please fill out this form. Please note that our building was renovated during the COVID shutdown and some rooms are no longer available.  Some have been repurposed.

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