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Building Use Fees

Please note that these fees have changed!

Building Use Requests

"Cornerstone" (Room 215) is a double room without tables but they can be added.

The "Boardroom" (Room 216) has a long table and comfortable chairs.

The "Gathering Place" is a multi-purpose room with AV/Media capabilities and optional kitchen facilities.

The "Library" (Room 206) has a small tables, two sofas and comfortable chairs as well as books and a TV/DVD player.

Room 202 is a double room with a long table and chairs.

Room 200 has a table and chairs.

Groups more than 10 must fill out a Pender UMC Special Events Request Worksheet at least 2 weeks prior to the event and submit the form to .

Pender members and Pender-sponsored groups such as Boy Scouts should fill out this form.

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