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Sermons and Messages

Each Sunday there is a Traditional Message as well as a Contemporary one. They're all here!

Preachers and Speakers include: Pastor Bruce Johnson, Arlet Williams, Bishop Sharma D. Lewis, Carole-Anne Kaye, Elizabeth Snader, Minister Howard M. Fickling-Finley, Ken Ferris, Rev. Daniel Su, Rev. Denise M. Childers, Rev. Dr. Catharine Guest, Rev. Dr. Chris Hanak, Rev. Gene Thomas, Rev. Dr. James Salley, Rev. Dr. Marg Kutz, Rev. Dr. Michelle Chaney, Rev. Katherine Malloy, Rev. Dr. Sarah Calvert, Rev. Drew Ensz, Rev. Eric Song, Rev. Lloyd Rollins, Rev. Martin Reeves, Rev. Neal Hicks, Rev. William White and Thom Jones

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Hymns and Music

The Pender Music Ministries are dedicated to using God’s gift of music to joyfully lift praises to His name!

Our primary focus is to enhance our worship experience at Pender through music of all kinds - voice, guitar, piano, organ, handbells, chimes, flutes, clarinets, harp, recorder consort, drums, and more.

We have groups of all ages, sizes and abilities, and our goal is to involve every person who wishes to glorify God through music. No musical ability required!

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Concert Series

The Pender Concert Supporting Ukraine on April 23 featured Liz Sellers on piano, Brian on harp, and local professional musicians, including woodwind quintet, drums, organ, guitar, flute, penny whistle, singing and violin.

Concert repertoire included: Harp arrangements by Debussy, Piano trio of Jazz/Baroque, Flute Concertino by Chaminade, Woodwind Quintet with music of Duke Ellington, The Widor Toccata Organ Symphony Movement V and an Irish session!

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Pender Handbell groups under the direction of Brian Stevenson, Pender UMC Director of Music.

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Holiday Events

This series includes Advent, Christmas, Palm Sunday, Easter, Pentecost, Thanksgiving, Slideshows and more.

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Lenten Hymn and Devotion

Brian Stevenson, Pender UMC Director of Music, presents a series of hymn-based devotions on Wednesdays during Lent.

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Methodist News

News from the Methodist Church.  Currently featuring information about the upcoming General Conference 2024

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Pender has a heart for missions with local missions projects as well as supporting homeless shelters, local schools, Juvenile Detention Center and 150 missionaries in 32 countries around the world. Each year, Pender sends teams on short-term mission trips to Central and South America, Europe, Africa, and we're always researching other trips. There is an annual Missions Celebration each spring.

On the first and third Sunday of each month we take time to share A Moment for Missions.

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Pender Children

This playlist includes Sunday Children's Messages as well as slideshows and videos from Pender events.

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People and Programs

What are Pender People up to? Find out here with videos and slideshows from various events.

On the second Sunday of each month we take time to share A Moment for Ministry. These include United Methodist Men and more.

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Podcast Series

Podcasts on a variety of topics including Pender Night on the Streets, Christmas Music, Lenten Devotions, Relationship Issues, Environmental Stewardship and more.

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Videos of Interest

Interesting videos found along the way.

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