This coming Sunday, as we journey further into the solemn yet uplifting period of Lent, our congregation is in for a spiritually enriching experience. Pastor Bruce, known for his compelling orations that touch the heart and awaken the spirit, will be delving into the profound theme of "Living Faith." It's an opportunity to reflect on what it truly means to live a life imbued with faith, especially during this time of introspection and renewal.

In a harmonious blend of scripture and insight, the service will feature enlightening readings from both the Old and New Testaments. From the ancient texts of Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16, we will revisit the covenant between God and Abraham, a testament to unwavering faith and divine promises. This narrative sets a foundational tone for understanding the depths of a faith-filled life.

Complementing this, the Epistle reading from Romans 4:13-25 offers a profound look into the nature of faith, as exemplified by Abraham's righteousness. It's a powerful reminder of how faith can transcend the law and how God's promises extend beyond the bounds of human understanding.

The Gospel reading from Mark 8:31-38 invites us to contemplate the teachings of Jesus Christ on the cost and rewards of discipleship. It challenges us to consider what it means to truly follow Christ, bearing our crosses and setting aside worldly gains for the sake of the Gospel.

Adding a special touch to the service, we will celebrate the spirit of community and contribution as the esteemed Pender Woman of the Year award is presented by Maya Berry. This moment will not only honor the remarkable contributions of a dedicated member of our congregation but also inspire each of us to reflect on how we can serve and uplift one another in faith.

This Sunday promises to be a day of deep spiritual nourishment, reflection, and community celebration. Let us come together with open hearts, ready to be moved and inspired by the "Good News" and to honor the vibrant tapestry of faith and fellowship that defines our church family.

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We look forward to seeing you!

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"Being Methodist: An Alternative Community" - Traditional

February 11, 2024
by Pastor Bruce Johnson

During Sunday's Traditional Service Pastor Bruce Johnson highlighted that remembering the Methodist forebears is vital not as a mere history lesson but as a connection to a living heritage that continues to inspire and guide United Methodists today.

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Opportunities to Serve

GBE Backpack Meal Program Thanks and Update

We wanted to thank you all so much for your very active participation in filling the blue bags for GBE. Each time we put them out they are all taken and brought back full! We can't tell you how much we and the counselors and students at GBE appreciate this! The bags will once again be available this weekend and will need to be returned by February 25th.

You might notice that we will no longer be asking for Mac-n-Cheese and Milk. Thanks to WFCM, who has provided a refrigerator to the school, as of last week, they are also providing Mac-n-Cheese and fresh produce and refrigerated items.

In addition to filling the blue bags if you have any plastic grocery bags that you would like to recycle, they have said that would be of great help in distributing the additional WFCM provided items. Thank you again for your continued support. If you have any questions, please contact Jami Flemmons or Ann Hines

Rest Stop

Items can be left in the blue bin or in the church office labeled "Rest Stop".

Items often needed are: full size water bottles (They do not use the 4oz ones), hot cups, energy/protein drinks.

They also enjoy individual size bags of potato chips, jerky, cookies and nuts.

Western Fairfax Christian Ministries (WFCM)

WFCM pantry needs:

  • Canned peaches and canned fruit cocktail, no sugar added
  • Oatmeal, grits
  • Canned tomatoes, stewed or crushed
  • Risotto
  • Brown rice
  • Toiletries: toothpaste, lotion, toilet paper

JDC (Juvenile Detention Center)

Wanted: Volunteers to attend Pender's monthly church service at the Fairfax Juvenile Detention Center. Our next date is February 25. We meet at the jail at 12:30p, and are out by 2:00p. Our ministry at the jail is growing, and the young people thirst for the water of life because of their circumstances. It is easy fishin' as they already stepped out of their cell to come to church. It is a showing up thing. That's all you need to do... show up. Contact Arlet if interested.

Sign up at

Stuff the Bus

New Location for Stuff the Bus benefitting WFCM

Would you like to help stock our shelves? In January, we provided groceries for more than 700 families, over 120,000 lbs. of food. We need your help to re-stock our shelves with the most needed items listed below.

During the Fairfax County Stuff the Bus food drive, you can bring non-perishable food and toiletry donations for WFCM to Giant located at 5740 Union Mill Road,Clifton, VA 20124 on Saturday February 17th 9am - 3 pm. Thank you.



More opportunities to serve