January 14, 2024

Bridge of Hope Fund:
2023 YTD $37,159
2024 as of today $38,590
Total as of today $75,749

Finance Chairman David Kinard brings an exciting update to the Pender community about our dynamic financial endeavor, the "Bridge of Hope" campaign. This initiative isn't just a campaign; it's a journey towards a brighter future for our church, and every member's contribution is a pivotal step on this bridge.

As of this Wednesday, January 10, 2024, our collective efforts have already amassed a remarkable $37,909! What's even more heartening is that $10,000 of this is a matching grant from a generous member of our church family. This means every contribution to the "Bridge of Hope" is effectively doubled, up to an astounding $92,000. Every penny you give becomes two, making your impact even more significant.

Pamela and I are personally committed to this cause. All our weekly offerings are now channeled directly to the "Bridge of Hope," ensuring we fully leverage this matching opportunity. We encourage you to consider doing the same. Remember, undesignated funds go into our general fund, so let's be intentional with our giving. It's as simple as marking "Bridge of Hope" on your check, envelope, or selecting it from the dropdown menu when giving online.

Our goal is to maximize this matching gift and double our financial strength. This campaign is more than just numbers; it's about sustaining our beloved church's future. Over the past few years, our savings have dwindled as we've struggled to cover monthly expenses. The "Bridge to Hope" is our path to financial stability, ensuring we don't deplete our reserves.

To help everyone understand the depth and importance of this campaign, we've prepared informative handouts and giving cards available in the Pender narthex. These include answers to frequently asked questions and contact information for any further queries you might have.

Join us in this remarkable journey of faith and generosity. Let's seize this opportunity to double our impact and secure our church's financial future. Your participation in the "Bridge of Hope" campaign is not just a donation; it's an investment in the heart and soul of our Pender community.

To give, click here and choose "Bridge of Hope" - thank you!

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