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Pastor Bruce JohnsonNovember 26, 2023All Church, Stewardship, Christ the King Sunday

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Passage: Ephesians 1:15-23

Sunday, November 26, 2023 Pender celebrated Christ the King Sunday Service, a day dedicated to sovereignty and scripture. Pastor Bruce Johnson led the congregation with a thought-provoking sermon titled "Witnesses Unaware."

The congregation delved deep into spirituality, starting with a lesson from Ephesians 1:15-23. This scripture highlighted the boundless hope found in Christ's call.

Following this, a Gospel lesson from Matthew 25:31-46 provided a stirring exploration of the Son of Man's majestic narrative. This lesson challenged and inspired believers to live with a purpose that aligns with the kingdom of God.

The service was an enlightening journey through faith, culminating in the acknowledgment of Christ's eternal kingship.

David Kinard from Pender’s Finance Committee shared an inspiring update about Pender's stewardship and fundraising efforts. Get ready for the "Bridge to Hope" campaign, aimed at replenishing Pender's savings and navigating through current challenges towards a hopeful future for the church.

The campaign has already made incredible progress, with nearly $100,000 pledged even before its official start! Watch as David reveals the plans for the campaign, including the use of giving cards with QR codes for easy donations, and how you can be a part of this uplifting journey.

Mark your calendars for the official kickoff event on December 12th! Discover how Pender is uniting in faith and community spirit to reach a significant goal of $250,000 over the next three months. Let's come together to build a bridge to hope and witness the power of collective generosity.

There was a heartwarming segment in our service as Worship Leader Jane McKee shared her unique childhood experiences with sheep and goats. Growing up in a semi-rural area of the US, Jane brought her personal stories to life, drawing intriguing comparisons between these two animals

Can you tell a sheep from a goat? Jane explained the differences, not just in appearance but in the sounds they make. She used this analogy to delve into a deeper message inspired by Jesus' teachings.

This segment is not just about animal characteristics; it’s a metaphor for compassion and kindness in our daily lives. Jane challenged us to reflect on our actions: Are we the sheep who help others in need, showing the love of Jesus Christ in our hearts, even in subtle ways? Or are we the goats who walk by without noticing?

Jane's talk was a gentle reminder to be aware of those around us, to recognize the signs of those in need, whether they're loud like a bell or quiet like a whisper.

Pastor Bruce’s sermon for Christ the King Sunday, the last Sunday of the Christian calendar year, emphasized Jesus Christ's role as Prophet, Priest, and King.

It discussed the struggle in acknowledging Christ's lordship in an age focused on personal autonomy. Pastor Bruce reflected on scriptural references, including Ezekiel's prophecy and the Gospel lesson about serving the poor as a natural response of the saved.

An anecdote from a trip to India highlights the importance of being a witness for Christ through actions. Pastor Bruce then connected this with Paul's words to the Ephesians, emphasizing the need for divine wisdom and revelation to be faithful witnesses.

The pastor discussed contemporary challenges, including artificial intelligence, and the need for Christians to discern and witness faithfully. The sermon concluded with a reflection on the church's mission to offer Christ as the unrivaled King, emphasizing the importance of prayer and humility in seeking God's strength and wisdom.

Led by the talented Patrick King on piano, the Praise Band embarked on a musical journey that uplifted and inspired. Our hearts were stirred by the powerful rendition of 'We Believe' by Newsboys, a song that resonates with faith and conviction.

The attendees embraced the soulful 'Give Us Your Heart' by William McDowell, a melody that called for a deeper connection and surrender.

Experience a unique twist with 'I Have Decided to Follow Jesus', beautifully arranged by Patrick King, blending traditional faith with contemporary zest.

And for an extra dose of rhythm and energy, AJ Rios took the stage with his dynamic drumming in 'We Believe', bringing an electrifying touch to our worship.

This Christ the King Sunday was not just a service; it was a celebration of faith, music, and community.

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