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"A Will to Believe, with Grace to Live" - Common Ground Contemporary

Pastor Bruce JohnsonApril 7, 2024Easter

Passage: Acts 4:32-34

We gathered on the second Sunday of Easter, April 7, 2024, for a soul-nourishing service with Pastor Bruce Johnson at Pender UMC. We dove deep into the themes of faith and divine generosity in his sermon, "A Will to Believe, with Grace to Live," drawing from the empowering scriptures of Acts 4:32-35, 1 John 1:1-2:2, and John 20:19-31.

This service was a spiritual feast, not only for the soul but also a communion with the Holy, as we partook in the Holy Communion, reminding us of the everlasting covenant and the grace that flows unceasingly. Reflect on the community's heart that is one in spirit, the joy of fellowship that we share in the light of the Resurrection, and the touching narrative of Doubting Thomas, which teaches us about the blessings of belief and the essence of seeing through the eyes of faith.

Whether you're grappling with doubts or seeking a stronger conviction, this service is a call to all who yearn for a firmer grasp on belief and a life lived fully in the light of Christ's grace.

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