Pender Music: How Beautiful

October 21, 2023

“How Beautiful” by Twila Paris was the offertory at Pender's 9:00 am Traditional Service on July 9, 2023. It was sung by Rachel Kotiah Matos, accompanied on piano by Heidi Jacobs.

Twila Paris sings about the beautiful way Jesus demonstrated love to others while he was in this world. His love was more than warm sentiments. It was an embodied love – a love that expressed God’s compassion through physical actions. His hands served people food. His feet traveled to their homes and villages. His eyes looked upon sinners with joy and acceptance. With his body Jesus demonstrated love to others.

Paris sings about His hands and feet that served and walked to the cross, His heart that forgives all sins, and how His sacrifice inspires her to live a life that is willing to pay the price for her faith. She also talks about how beautiful it is when people spread the good news of His love through their actions and how the church is like a radiant bride waiting for her groom. Overall, the song celebrates the beauty of Christ and His body, the church.

After describing the beauty of Christ’s physical body on earth, the song describes the beauty of Christ’s communal body on earth – his Church. When Christians “live just as he died” – when, like our Savior, we serve others around us through physical expressions of love – the Church is beautiful, too. As the song says, “How beautiful is the body of Christ.”

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