You Are (Traditional)

Glimpses of the Kin-dom

Rev. Will WhiteFebruary 5, 2023All Church

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Passage: Matthew 5:13-20

On Sunday, February 5, 2023, Pender Lead Pastor Will White preached on "You Are" based on Matthew 5:13-20.

Here again, Jesus asks us to reflect on the power we already have. “You are salt. You are light.” Not, “Do you want to be salt, or do you want to be light?” You already are. So, given that declaration from our Lord, how will we season? What will we light up?

"You Are" is the fifth sermon in the series titled "Glimpses of the Kin-dom". We are counting the weeks after Epiphany and attempting to get a glimpse of what life as the people of God might be like. We consider some of the most famous passages of scripture to help us shape a vision of the life we are called to live—not just a special, rise-to-the-occasion kind of life, but an everyday life, an ordinary life that isn’t ordinary. Because we believe that followers of Christ who live their faith day by day are anything but ordinary. They stand out; they become models and mentors; they are examples of what life is all about. At least that is our hope and our belief: that our lives represent the kin-dom of God. We are the evidence that our faith is true and our God is at work in the world. In other words, we are now the epiphany, the light shining forth for the world to see. And of course, we will fail from time to time. But how we deal with failure is also a sign of that presence and glimpse of the kin-dom. So, this ordinary time is extra-ordinary in the living of it. Let us embrace the call with grace and with joy.

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