Who Could Stand (Traditional)

Learning to Live Inside Out

Rev. Will WhiteMarch 26, 2023All Church, Lent

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Passage: John 11:1-45

March 26, 2023 - Pender Lead Pastor Will White preached on "Who Could Stand" based on John 11:1-45.

Here at the end of the Lenten observance (well, almost the end anyway), we have hints of Resurrection. We have “a foretaste of glory divine,” as the hymnist Fanny Crosby says. As if the Spirit and the lectionary preparers knew that we would need something to help us through the next couple of weeks. As if they knew that without this reminder, we would find it a very hard road as we made our way stumbling behind the Christ who suffers and dies for us.

"Who Could Stand" is the fifth sermon in the Lenten series titled "Learning to Live Inside Out". Lent is a bi-directional season. Or at least it should be. That isn’t how we usually experience the season, however. Too often, we see the Lenten journey simply as a journey inward. While that is a great start or an important component to a powerful Lenten experience, it can’t be the whole story. Examining your soul is more than just looking inward; it is also considering the state of your soul as it walks about in the world. This isn’t new. Historically, the church has talked about the spiritual disciplines in two directions. Like the great commandment, these two sides of the same coin cannot ultimately be separated. That is why this series is about doing both – looking inward and moving outward. We are learning to live inside out.

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