If You Fall Down (Traditional)

Learning to Live Inside Out

Rev. Will WhiteFebruary 26, 2023All Church, Lent, Temptation

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Passage: Matthew 4:1-11

February 26, 2023. Pender Lead Pastor Will White preached on "If You Fall Down" based on Matthew 4:1-11.

The Handbell Prelude by the Carillon Ringers was “Built on the Rock” arranged by Matthew Compton.

The hymns “Grace Greater Than Our Sin”, and “Take Time To Be Holy” were accompanied by Brian Stevenson, organist.

If we endeavor to work in the world around us, we will fall down. From time to time, we will fail; our efforts will not be received in the spirit intended; the fruit will be slow in coming. So, if we must fall, let us fall down in worship of the one who redeems us.

"If You Fall Down" is the first sermon in the Lenten series titled "Learning to Live Inside Out". Lent is a bi-directional season. Or at least it should be. That isn’t how we usually experience the season, however. Too often, we see the Lenten journey simply as a journey inward. While that is a great start or an important component to a powerful Lenten experience, it can’t be the whole story. Examining your soul is more than just looking inward; it is also considering the state of your soul as it walks about in the world. This isn’t new. Historically, the church has talked about the spiritual disciplines in two directions. Like the great commandment, these two sides of the same coin cannot ultimately be separated. That is why this series is about doing both – looking inward and moving outward. We are learning to live inside out.y in the living of it. Let us embrace the call with grace and with joy.

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