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Geared Up For Life

Rev. Will WhiteAugust 22, 2021Discipleship

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Passage: Ephesians 6:10-20

Geared Up for Life

You might think that a seven-week series in the middle of summer is a recipe for disaster. Even without the remnants of a pandemic and everyone still scrambling to come up with some sort of hybrid virtual and in-person worship experience, a series this long in a time when, at least in the US, many folks are thinking about vacation and church attendance is difficult to sustain. Yet here we are!

Rev. Will White
will preach on “Armored”
based on Ephesians 6:10-20
from the series "Geared Up for Life".

Accessorizing – that’s the image from the preaching notes that we might work with this week. The author of Ephesians wants us to realize that we are not left without resources as we seek to be made into disciples and to make disciples. In a way, this is the gear we have been “gearing up for life” throughout the series. So, what are these tools and how do we employ them in our daily lives?

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Grace and Peace, Rev. Will White,
Lead Pastor of Pender UMC

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