Pender Hypothermia Center

by Claire Anton on November 02, 2021

Pender Hypothermia

In case you are not aware how we treat our friends for Pender Hypothermia, here is a glimpse of what happens every night and some of the special occasions. On a nightly basis, a Pender Hypothermia friend is picked up at the Lamb Center and is warmly greeted by the Pender church family.

A home-made dinner is server at 6:00 PM, where the Pender church family sits and eats dinner as well as talks to our guests. After dinner, we play Bingo, Pictionary or Family Feud with our friends or they are treated with music by either the Pender Praise band, members of our church or the Choir. Other activities include manicuring the guest’s hands, playing cards or relaxing and watching TV or movies. Guests can take a shower before bedtime and we offer a washing of clothes. Nightly bedtime is a 10:00PM. Breakfast is served in the morning at 6:00 AM and a take-along lunch is provided. Guests are taken back to the Lamb Center.

We had a lady that was with us because of a domestic abuse situation. She told us that she lost everything she had in the dispute. She was lovely to be around and so much fun to talk to. She always had more supplies that she could carry, so the Pender Church Hypothermia coordinator would let her store some of her belongings in the church. We all loved her so dearly. On her last day at the church, she informed us that she was a 5-star chef and that she just received notice that she was hired for a position as a chef in a 5-star restaurant in San Antonio. We were all so happy for her!

We were all somewhat surprised when a married couple arrived at Pender Hypothermia. This couple and their friends were a joy to be around. It was always a lot of fun talking with them and just hanging out with them during and after dinner. As the Pender Hypothermia we went along, the man asked our Pender Hypothermia Church Coordinator if he could provide him with some dress shirts for an interview he had for a job. Months later the Pender Hypothermia Church Coordinator met the gentleman at Home Depot and he was so happy to share that he got the job at Home Depot and that him and his wife also got a house through the help of FACETS and they were so thankful to the Pender church family for all they did for him and his wife.

Each night a guest dressed up as a waiter would stroll in at about 10:00 to greet the Pender Men working the Hypothermia Night Safety shift. He talked and teased with the men and became a big hit. Throughout the week this man would examine all the clothes donated by the Pender family and would select a few pieces of clothing that he liked. By the end of the week he had quite a dresser of clothing that he was carrying around. Unfortunately, the FACETS coordinator stated that you cannot have all these clothes and they threw his clothes out. The men in the church took the clothes out of the trash and put them in the Outreach Center. The Pender Hypothermia Church Coordinator delivered the clothes to the friend and he was so happy to receive them. He stated that he was getting a home soon and these clothes would help him out. A few months later, the Pender Hypothermia Church Coordinator met the guest while he was working at his job and he thanked him and Pender for all the support and that he was in his new home.

This last story is still evolving. Jamie Gilmore spent time as a friend of Pender during Pender Hypothermia, and she discovered that she found her home and wanted to stay in her home so she did and joined the church. Jamie is now a member of our Pender Church home and she is in the choir. She helps each year with Pender Hypothermia and is a grateful member of our church family.

You can be a part of Pender Hypothermia.  There will be a sign up form available soon or contact Claire Anton.

Helping our brothers and sisters in Christ is something that Jesus wants you to do!

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