Missions Update February 24, 2023

by Virginia Patch on February 24, 2023

Earthquake update.

We received a report from one of Pender's supported missionaries serving in the middle east close to the recent earthquake in Turkey.  Their names will not be printed for their safety.  The title of their report:  Miracles are real!

"We loaded a truck with all sorts of relief items to be distributed all over the disaster area.  "We" means the fellowship of their city, Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox alike.  The ecumenism is unprecedented, seeking solutions and ways to bring hope to this dark situation.

From the epicenter, there are stories coming out that are nothing less than incredible.  Multiple children in differing locales and at different times have been pulled from the rubble after days trapped only to say they aren't thirsty or hungry because they had someone helping them under there providing water and food.  They have on more than one occasion said the help was a tall man in a white robe.  One little girl said it was an "Abla" or a big sister.  At another location, a rescue team were trying to find out where to dig, and a lady approached them telling them where her apartment would be roughly, and that she had two children there.  Sure enough, they found the two children right where she said they would be, but then couldn't locate the mother.  They told the kids, "Lets see if we can find your mother". but they replied "unfortunately, our mother died a few years ago."  The man from the rescue team said immediately everyone there got on their knees and gave thanks.

The devastation is great, but we know someone greater!    We have not lost hope and continue to hold on to it, hoping to share it with anyone who should need it.  This group of believers are trying to take on a tent city of 50 - 100 families they can adopt and provide food, services, and activities for children."

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