It’s Time to Update the Church Calendar!

August 05, 2022


Pender Members can add your own events to the church calendar now (no paper!).  Information is at

It’s time to update the church calendar with all activities for the 2022–2023 school year!

Our calendar shows up in many places – our website, the Church Life app, screens in the church lobbies, Sunday Slides and the Sunday bulletins.

Many people rely on it; therefore it’s important that it be comprehensive, up to date and correct.

Activities include all church functions – whether they occur at the church, online or offsite, meetings, Bible studies, small groups, retreats, rehearsals, etc.

Calendar activities are for one year only (September to August) and should be re-submitted annually.

If you’re not a Pender member, click on this link for the RESOURCE REQUEST FORM. Fill it out and drop it off in the church office or scan it and send it by email to  .

If you have any questions, call the church office at (703) 278-8023.

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