This Week at Pender, July 28, 2022

The July 28, 2022 edition of This Week at Pender includes info about the Book Lovers Group, Peach Picking, ROMEOS, an Ice Cream Social, Movie Night, the annual Backpack Collection, Sizzlin’ Summer, Children’s Sunday School Video, Kids Music, Pender Hill School, Bible Study, Church Calendar, Sunday’s Services, in-person events, Western Fairfax Christian Ministries needs, Save the Date and much more…
July 28, 2022

Tags: youth, video, preschool, bible study, newsletter, movie night, backpack, this week, save the date, church calendar, staff parish, kids music, western fairfax christian ministries, gbe, wfcm, greenbriar east, in-person services, romeos, children’s sunday school video, pender hill school openings, backpack collection, greenbriar west, gbw, sizzlin’ summer, spprc corner, the book lovers group, peach picking, the book lovers group, peach picking, peach picking

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