Contemporary (Common Ground) Service

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Rev Will White will preach on
"Expect a Miracle"
based on scriptures Isaiah 7:14 and Luke 21:25-36.
From the Advent Series “Experience the Joy”.

The first week of Advent must deal with the shock. Is it time? Already? Sure, the world has been giving Christmas hints for months now, but it still seems to surprise us every year. I’m not sure how you receive this sort of thing on the First Sunday of Advent. Sometimes, I think that folks are expecting to hear the preliminaries of the Christmas story – maybe an angel announcement, maybe a song of transformation, maybe a dream or a journey or a royal decree.  The gospel, on the other hand, is foreboding.  “Pay attention,” he says. “Look at the trees,” he says.  Look around. Look up, look down, or just look. “Be on guard so that your hearts are not weighed down” (21:34) – so that you don’t miss it, so that you don’t miss him.   A miracle is on the way.  How can we participate in it? 

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Grace and Peace, Rev. Will White,
Lead Pastor of Pender UMC

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Common Ground is Pender United Methodist Church's contemporary worship experience led by our worship leader and a rock-style worship band. You'll find worship to be more interactive and energetic, and you'll hear messages that are relevant to everyday life. 

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Event Coordinator Rev. Will White

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