If the Federal GOVERNMENT is closed for non-essential personnel, the church building will be closed.  In addition, if there are severe weather conditions or a power outage, the church building will be closed.

If the church is open, groups may or may not meet at the leader’s discretion. It will be up to the leaders to communicate their decision with the group members.

For the staff: Emergencies and Inclement Weather. Staff members will be paid when the Pastor, in consultation with the Chair of Trustees, closes the church for the sake of safety. (In the event of inclement weather, Pender UMC will generally comport with actions taken by the federal government for non-essential employees.) In all cases, decisions regarding worship services shall be made solely by the Pastor.

A case by case decision will be made about Sunday worship services, and info will be posted on the website.

Your personal safety is important to us. The pastor and group leaders will understand completely if you do not feel comfortable coming to the church when weather conditions are questionable.