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Communication Guidelines

Communication Requests

Want to add something to the email newsletter, announcement slides, Facebook or more? This is the place!

Please note that the deadline for all submissions is noon on Tuesday.

Pender now has a paid SignUpGenius account (no ads!)  To use it, contact the webmaster.

Communication Request

My Event is on the Church Calendar*

Please check first. Items NOT on the Church Calendar will not be shared on any media including This Week at Pender and the Sunday bulletins. Pender members can add an event to the calendar through MyPenderPage.

I need a Registration Form*

Do you have ministry dollars allotted to run an ad campaign on Facebook?*

Please note, it takes a minumum of two weeks of lead time before the date of the event for an ad campaign to be effective. A suggested amount of budget required is $10 per day per audience (Internal, external, look-a-like, etc.).

We have $_ _ _ set aside for this campaign.

Is this a Bible Study?

Is this a Small Group?

Please share description, date and time.

If you need something on the Sunday Connection Card, please type it here.

Where would you like this run?

If you have an image for your event, such as a photo from a past event, please upload it here. (no clipart, no images from Google, please)

Do you have a Word, PDF or other file to upload? If you have a Publisher file, please upload as a PDF.

Do you need a SignUpGenius?

Please type what you need, numbers of people or items you need, when you need them.

If you want a slideshow of images from your event please send them to no later than 7 days after the event.

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