Pender runs on committees!
  • Building Committee.
      The Building Committee is currently coordinating our building renovation. 

  • Children’s Ministry.
    Children’s laughter – there is no sweeter sound to us or to God. Volunteers of this ministry plan activities during the year such as the Easter celebration, Church Picnic, Harvest Party,  Christmas VBS, and other activities for the children of Pender and the community.

  • Church Council.
    Want to be on the ground floor of all of the excitement and planning?  Come be a part of Church Council which oversees Pender's ministry and encourages new outreach and ideas. Anyone can attend.  To be a voting member, one must be nominated by the Lay  Nominations and Leadership  Committee. (1 year term)

  • Evangelical.
      Coordinates activities such as Pender Rocks the Block, A Night in Bethlehem, Rise Against Hunger and more.

  • Finance.
    Do you like money? Or figuring out where it comes from and where it goes? We need your help in planning for, screening and overseeing the finances of the Church. Must be nominated by the Lay Nominations and Leadership Committee. (3 year term)

  • Lay Nominations and Leadership Committee.
    Do you enjoy really knowing people and their gifts? You can help our Church have the right people in the right place at the right time. Elected by Charge Conference. (3 year term)

  • Missions.
      Coordinates mission trips, special events at Pender, funding for missionaries.

  • SPPRC.
    Would you like to encourage our pastors and staff? Be a part of the team that finds, hires, and supports employed staff. Must be nominated by Lay Nominations and Leadership Committee. (3 year term)

  • Stewardship Team.
    Do you know you are blessed? This team helps our Church be good stewards of all that God has blessed us with. This team also conducts the annual stewardship campaign and works with the Finance Committee

  • Trustees.
    Do you like to help care for our property? We need you to help maintain our property and facilities. Trustees also authorize contracts and legal documents. Must be nominated by Lay Nominations and Leadership Committee. (3 year term)

  • Worship.
    Great worship takes planning and lots of work behind the scenes. Working with the pastors and the music ministry, volunteers of this ministry ensure Pender’s various forms of worship honor our Lord, spiritually feed our congregation, and energize our visitors.